Our story

Wink Wink Paper Co. is a stationery, paper goods, and art brand based in the historic Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, TN. Our biggest aim is to inspire you, make you giggle, and connect you with the people you love like crazy through our quirky, sweet, and cheeky products. We create paper goods and one-of-a-kind fiber designs that are made with passion, joy, and the utmost attention to detail. Fueled by founder and lead designer Holley Maher’s sense of humor and unique design esthetic, the company first introduced itself as Wink Wink Paper Co. in April of 2015.

Our paper products are printed in the USA and packaged by hand in our Nashville studio. We use high quality paper stocks, partner with respected and passionate printing companies. Our weavings are completely one-of-a-kind and are crafted by hand from high-quality natural fibers. We put a lot of love into everything that we make, and we're very proud to share them with you.

At Wink Wink, we believe in fun, hustle, silliness, girl-bosses, and well-cared-for friendships. We believe in the not-so-lost art of a handwritten note, and how a beautiful home or office can inspire greatness in our lives and careers. We hope that our products make you laugh, connect with friends and loved ones, and be your most happy, laugh-y, and inspired self.


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Holley Maher is the Founder and Creative Director behind Wink Wink Paper Co. In 2005, Holley moved to Nashville from her hometown of Manasquan, NJ to study music and pursue a career in songwriting. During college, she was accepted into an internship at a record label where she learned the behind-the-scenes of the music industry and the basics of graphic design, although she'd had no formal education in the field. In 2009, after earning her degree in Commercial Vocal Performance and Music Business from Belmont University, she founded H. Maher Creative as a freelance graphic design boutique to pay for her first record. It was here that she refined her personal brand and developed her trademark hand lettering and illustration styles. After a few years of freelancing, Holley's music career began to develop, and in 2014 she decided to transition her design boutique into an online shop, in order to spend more time on songwriting without giving up her love for handmade art. Wink Wink Paper Co. is a collection of Holley's unique designs, ones that she crafted with intention, passion, care, and a lot of figuring-things-out-along-the-way.

Doing all the things you loved as a kid shouldn't go out of style as an adult.